As you’ve come all the way here, we would like to share with you some of our core values.


We are famous for cooking

Mediterranean food

Our chefs were born and raised in the Mediterranean, and the love for its cuisine runs in their veins. Their culinary creations are made from the heart, and they work round the clock to acquire the best ingredients found in the local terroir.


Fresh, organic and local grown

We work side-by-side with local farmers, bakers and fishermen. All our ingredients are freshly picked and lovingly prepared on the same day.


People are everything

We select them as carefully as we select our vegetables.
Gilgul is a family. Our staff has worked together, every day, for the past 10 years. We know everyone’s hopes, dreams, shoe size and their favorite book.


We serve with love

We believe that there is no such thing as “good service”. It’s either bad or excellent. We are proud to be included in the short list of caterers who serve both highly select groups and families, celebrating intimate moments with their loved ones.


We love to be challenged

We have created events from the highest mountains to the deepest valleys, in the desert and upon the shore. We are creative, efficient and our team can move the world if it makes you happy.


We are committed to
reliability and punctuality

We work as one; planning everything in meticulous detail, our ensemble cast moves in harmony to ensure a flawless experience from beginning to end.


We respect your privacy

Our clients require discretion.
All our employees sign non-disclosure agreements. We do not keep any client data and do not share information with third parties.